Use case

  • Transfer of tokens via alias
  • Email and message address
  • Pet names.
  • Smart contract’s hash
  • Sub-domain name
  • Public key alias
  • File name

NNS can replace long, irregular strings that are hard for human brains to remember with words and phrases. For example, you can transfer a token to an NNS domain name instead of a blockchain address. NNS is extensible. Domain names can be mapped to any blockchain identifier or resource such as contract hash, content hash, public key, and so forth.


Based on NEO platform

NNS is a purely smart contract services system on NEO platform with its purpose of improving NEO’s usability.


NNS’s management and services are both done via the smart contract, which is completely decentralized, highly secure and credible.

Redistribution of system fees

NNC tokens circulated in NNS system have built-in bonus pools. All system fees go into bonus pools and are redistributed to NNC token holders in proportion. Only sending a specific transaction is required when collecting bonus, which makes tokens unlocked.

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NNC - A cross-DAPP utility token

NNC is not only applied to NEO Name Service, but also to other basic DAPP services in the NEO ecosystem.

NNC 1.0

applied to NEO Name Service

NNC 2.0

Cross-DAPP: NNS, NEO token liquidity protocol, NEOFISH and other games

NNC 3.0

Applied to the investment and governance in the DAO

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